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Reincarnation Is A Belief Of The Soul After Death

Reincarnation is a belief that has existed since ancient times. Not everybody believes in the theory, but it is also the basis of some religions. Reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul after death, and it is believed to happen to everyone. Some people even have memories of their past lives unlike others. Reincarnation is an intriguing belief that could explain what happens to people after death. I.A. The one person who started the theory of reincarnation is unknown, but there are a few religions believed to have started the theory in ancient times. Many Americans like to think of reincarnation as a fantasy of supernatural Buddhists, Hindus, and aboriginal tribes, but there are many more religions whose teachings say to believe. First, the subject of reincarnation comes up in the traditions of India. Second, it is one of the core beliefs of hinduism- Hindus have always believed in the theory (â€Å"Reincarnation†). Next, many people claim ancient Egyptians taught reincarnation. It is also believed to be in ancient Greek mythology (â€Å"Reincarnation-Mark†). Another believed culture to have studied reincarnation in the early ages was the Greek Pre-socratics. Finally, the religion, Jainism, mentions reincarnation very early in their culture (â€Å"Reincarnation†). I.B. Many people know of reincarnation, but are not informed on the whole topic. First, reincarnation is simply dying, and then living again. It is a religious/ philosophical concept that the soul and spiritShow MoreRelatedReincarnation: Soul and Honest Life858 Words   |  4 PagesReincarnation written by: Sivan Kaplan grade: 10th score: 90% date: 16/2/97 Reincarnation is the belief that after death, ones soul keeps existing and is reborn another person or animal. It keeps reborning until it redeems itself. Then it returns to the temple of god, which the Buddhists call Nirvana - eternal tranquillity. Two of the many ancient tribes who believed in reincarnation are the Greeks and the Egyptians. Karma, the belief that our actionsRead MoreIs Reincarnation Believe That The Soul Never Dies?1450 Words   |  6 Pageswho believe in reincarnation believe that the soul never dies. Our soul continues to be reborn throughout time, possibly because the soul did not finish what they wanted, or needed to in their previous lives, before their body passed away. What the soul did in their initial life and their previous past lives reflects where they will be in their next life, which is known as the â€Å"Law of Karma.† Reincarnation is, â€Å"The eternal cycle of birth, suffering, death, and rebirth,† (â€Å"Reincarnation,† 2014). WhereRead MoreIs Reincarnation A Life After Death?1714 Words   |  7 PagesOne of the biggest arguments that has been made is if there is life after death, which has been argued between different religions and beliefs. One example being Reincarnation and the Christian belief. What is reincarnation? It is the rebirth of the soul, like playing a game and restarting it over to make different choices. Reincarnation is something that, some people can not simply accept is even a possibility. Even if it has been proven by a world know psychiatrist, Ian Stevenson, others stillRead MoreHave You Ever Wondered If You Have Lived More Than Once?1260 Words   |  6 PagesHave you ever wondered if you have lived more than once? Or what happens after death? Many believe that you continue to live after death, but how is it possible and why so? Today I will inform you abou t the concept of reincarnation. For some of us, like myself, have had dreams or images of places or things that we have never seen, in person with our own eyes, in our current lifetime. Then we see these images in a picture online and feel like we have been there or have some sort of connection withRead MoreLife after Death, Reincarnation, Resurrection and Immortality of the Soul1735 Words   |  7 PagesLife after Death, Reincarnation, Resurrection and Immortality of the Soul Belief in life after death has taken many forms, some which are unique in particular religious belief systems, though; others can be found in more than one religion. For most religions, life after death is an article of faith. In Western religions, the belief is founded in scriptural evidence, but for all religions the belief in life after death is the same: life after death has been promised toRead MoreCompare and Contrast Hinduism and Buddhism Essay674 Words   |  3 Pagescollection of religious beliefs that developed slowly over a long period of time.† (World History Patterns of Interaction, 2005) Hinduism has been made up of so many different cultures and beliefs that unlike Christianity and Islam it is unable to be traced back. Hindus believe in karma and reincarnation. Karma is good and bad things that a person does and they follow them through each reincarnation. Reincarnation is the rebirth of a soul or spirit which follows after death into a new body and beginsRead MoreEssay On Reincarnation875 Words   |  4 Pages30, 2017 Reincarnation Number of Words: 875 Life after death is a concept that has been around for many centuries. Many philosophers came to the idea that there had to be something after our life ends. For some, they believe in the afterlife. Another concept is that of reincarnation. Reincarnation is the believe that once the physical body dies, the soul is then reborn as a different being. Some religious teachings are actually said to have skewed some of the details about reincarnation. ReincarnationRead MoreDeath, Mortality, And The Afterlife938 Words   |  4 PagesFreud once said that death is inevitable and yet inconceivable. The idea of death, mortality, and afterlife has been a question for the human race since the beginning of time. Throughout time and space these ideas have changed and have been modified according to their own views depending in what region they were born in and the time period. To look at what has changed over the periods we have to look at our history starting with writings like the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Hebrew texture, the Bible andRead More‘Resurrection Is More Likely to Be True Than Reincarnation.’ Discuss1100 Words   |  5 Pages‘Resurrection is more likely to be true than reincarnation.’ Discuss In discussing this statement, we must first define the words resurrection and reincarnation to decipher what they mean. Resurrection is the act of rising from the dead or returning to life and reincarnation is the rebirth of a soul in a new body. There are many problems surrounding the two due to mainly religious beliefs. I will be focussing mainly of the religion of Hinduism as they believe in reincarnation, and Christianity which believesRead MoreBeliefs within Aboriginal Spirituality and Buddhism1123 Words   |  4 PagesBeliefs within Aboriginal Spirituality Buddhism Religion is a set of beliefs towards life where it helps describe the truth, purpose, lessons and outlook on life and also beliefs toward a higher authority or creator depending on the beliefs. Aboriginal spirituality is the set of beliefs of spiritual traditions and teachings which is passed down orally through the generations and centuries of believers. Buddhism is the set of beliefs of ending personal suffering and discovering happiness

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Evolution vs Intelligent Design Essay - 3313 Words

The suggested separation between church and state in contemporary America is not what the framers of our constitution and our country had in mind as they wrote the words â€Å"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.† After deconstructing the words, the most insignificant adjective â€Å"an,† tells us that the framers wanted to restrain Congress from installing any one religion as the official religion of the state. Those immortal words say nothing about religion informing congress or society on policy, education, or progress. I maintain that the first amendment’s establishment clause regarding religion was to protect citizens’ free exercise of religion from state interests and†¦show more content†¦Darwinian evolution is the theory that life after appearance and over time endured mutation and adaptation through natural selection to eventually yield modern man from the same sou rce, a single cell. ID is the theory that life exists in its present forms as the product of a purposeful design. Both theories use natural science to support their ideological conclusions such as embryology, genetics, and biochemistry. A key to these theories being comparable is that they both suggest that a preexisting being sparked life on Earth. Within evolution this point is highly debated and denied by many, however the father of evolution, Charles Darwin, expressed in the Origin of Species his belief that the first cell received its spark of life â€Å"by the Creator.† (Darwin 1900, 316) This will soon be important as a reason why evolution should not be taught in public education at all if you believe that the first amendment means a separation between church and state as evolution at its roots tells us that God created life on earth. ID at its roots also asserts that an entity also lit the initial sparks of life on earth. A core difference between the premises of these two theories is found in their assertions of the identity of this being and will be analyzed next. In contrast, these theories are substantially different. Darwinian evolution assumes that after the emergence of the first living cell eons passed as that cell self-replicated and began theShow MoreRelatedEvolution vs. Intelligent Design Essay3619 Words   |  15 PagesThe Evolution of the Creation Controversy in Twentieth Century America The fact of evolution is the backbone of biology, and biology is thus in the peculiar position of being a science founded on an improved theory, is it then a science or faith? Charles Darwin The empirical detectability of intelligent causes renders intelligent design a fully scientific theory. William Dembski Introduction Questions on the origin of life and of the universe must have permeated human thought sinceRead More Intelligent Design vs. Evolution Essay928 Words   |  4 Pagesoriginally came from. This is the debate of Intelligent Design (ID) and Evolution. The main debating question of many scholars being, Is the universe self-contained or does it require something beyond itself to explain its existence and internal function?. Intelligent Design is the idea that living creatures on Earth are so complex that, they could not possibly have been created through the natural selection. It is the belief that there must be an ?intelligent designer? that created us all. ThisRead MoreEssay about The Origins of Life: Evolution vs Intelligent Design1634 Words   |  7 Pagesreligion and science – challenging the ideological edifice on which the nation stands. The contention is shrouded by vehement claims from those who claim Intelligent Design, a refinement of creationism, to be true; and believers of the theory of evolution, who claim scientific merit yields no other conclusion than what is presented in the theory of evolution. As a result, the spills of conflict are in the classrooms now. In Austin, Texas, every decade fifteen people influence what is taught to the nextRead MoreEvolution Through the Influence of God1605 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"religion† or belief called the intelligent design theory. Through a combination of scientific evidence and Biblical moralities, the intelligent design theory was established to accommodate believers in the divine Christ and the theory of evolution. This group believes that evolution is occurring, but that God created the start of all life. There are three main notions of the origin of life, evolution, creationism, and intelligent design. The first theory, evolution, explains how life on Earth formedRead More Evolution Vs. Creationism Essay1323 Words   |  6 PagesEvolution vs. Creationism Abstract In the history of science vs. religion there have been no issues more intensely debated than evolution vs. creationism. The issue is passionately debated since the majority of evidence is in favor of evolution, but the creation point of view can never be proved wrong because of religious belief. Human creation breaks down into three simple beliefs; creation theory, naturalistic evolution theory, and theistic evolution theory. The complexities of all threeRead MoreShould Intelligent Design and/or Creationism Be Taught Alongside Evolution in Public Schools?641 Words   |  3 Pagescourtrooms about whether or not should intelligent design should be taught alongside evolution in public schools, which has been going on for a great amount of years. Intelligent design is the idea of natures changes cannot be a random process, but a type of guidance must have lead to why nature is the way it is in today’s era. In most cases, that specific guidance is God. God has created the world for a purpose. Creationism is the same idea as intelligent design, believing that nature was created byRead MoreCreationism vs. Evolutionism in Public Schools1538 Words   |  7 PagesDebate: Creationism vs. Evolution in Schools: 1st Affirmative Constructive Speech Creationism and Evolutionism by definition are very different topics. Currently, evolutionary naturalism is the most widely taught view of origins in America. In schools in the modern day, only evolutionism is taught and condoned. But before the 1920s, only creationism was taught, and evolution was forbidden. Then, on February 20, 2008, the Florida State Board of Education voted to revise the public school guidelinesRead MoreThe Debate Between Evolution and Creationism1648 Words   |  7 PagesIf the question was posed as to what is the debate between creationism vs. evolution consist of, the thought that it is ‘â€Å"God did it† vs. â€Å"Natural processes did it,†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Scott, 2004) may arise. Science cannot absolutely prove or disprove Creation or Evolution. Yet scientist and the remainder of society use creationism and evolution to prove our existence. Creationist believe in the Christian account of the origin as recorded in Genesis. Creationism is the belief that statements such as â€Å"In the beginningRead MoreIntelligent Design: An Intelligent Way of Disguising Religion1346 Words   |  6 Pagesreligious people have voiced their unhappiness that schools teach evolution. The Bible says that God put all the plants, animals, and people on this planet, and evolution completely contradicts that. The idea of including creationism in schools has been brought to courts multiple times but with no success. Now the creationists have a new way of presenting it. They disguise it behind science and use the term Intelligent Design. Intelligent Design is a form of creationism under new terminology and is the attemptRead MoreEvolution versus Intelligent Design902 Words   |  4 PagesEvolution VS. Intelligent Design There is a main difference between a theory and a fact. A theory is a logically connected group of tested propositions that are regarded as correct. It can be used as an explanation for an occurrence. A fact is something that actually exists and can be proven using factual evidence. The theory of evolution defined by Darwin is descent with modification. What Darwin means by that is that as the descendants of a certain species spread out over vast regions of the Earth

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Book Review on Managing The Dream by Warren Bennis

Introduction Managing the dream is a book written by Warren Bennis, who is one of the most renowned leadership writers. The author explores all aspects of leadership from a theoretical and a practitioner point of view. The book is a perfect representation of leadership, which comprises of numerous essays that represents the author’s thinking towards what leadership entails. Bennis focuses on the core competencies of the aspect of effective leadership, at both the individual and group level in his book. Managing the dream is a tool for team leaders and managers who aspire to be effective in their leadership roles (Bennis, 2000). This paper represents a book review of Managing the Dream by outlining the core premise and concepts from the book, the three big ideas represented in the book. In addition, the paper outlines the way in which the core concepts from the book can be implemented at the workplace and their implications to organizations (Bennis, 2000). The main concept of the book bases on the aspect of how dreams are related to leadership. The book focuses on how effective leadership can be modeled basing the aspect of dream. From the book, it is evident that effective leadership comprises of change embracement, mastering the art of leading and embodying the dream in order to mould the character of leadership in a person or within the group context (Bennis, 2000). Leaders are responsible for establishment and implementation of organizational missions; this can be achieved by use of the three concepts outlined in Managing the Dream. The three phases are negotiating the dream, organizing the dream and embodying the dream. Each phase plays a distinctive role in modeling leadership skills at the individual or group level. Negotiating the dream majorly involves the learning the art of leading, and entails having an in depth understanding of managing the dream and the competencies of leadership. In addition, it imperative that leaders be on the leading edge of change and devise appropriate strategies to cope up with the speed and complexity of the present organizational context. Organizing the dream primarily entails deploying leadership aspects at the group or corporate level by use of the social architecture that is effective in the new aspect of global village (Bennis, 2000). This means that global leaders must think on the global level, and so is the implementation of their leadership strategies. The changes in complexity of the business environment pose a major challenge to the leaders of today. The effective le ader should not have a negative attitude towards these changes but instead should focus on ways of developing strategies to cope up with the changes and view them as positive. The next-generation leaders should deploy a leadership strategy that employs dynamism and flexibility to cope with the current complexity in the organizational or group context. Embodying the dream entails modeling the character of effective leadership, that which distinguishes a leader from his followers. Successful managers have distinctive traits from ordinary managers. One of such traits is that a successful leader is charismatic and transformational. A charismatic leader is able to achieve persuasion from his/her followers; he aims at more than just extrinsic rewards and focuses on transformational benefits. A successful leader uses transformational style; implying that a successful leader appeals to his followers and inspires them towards a given direction. In summary, the three big ideas represented in the book are negotiating the dream, which focuses on learning the art of leading; organizing the dream, which focuses on corporate and global leadership; and embodying the dream, which focuses on modeling the leadership character within an individual (Bennis, 2000). The three big ideas can be applied at the workplace in various dimensions. For instance, shared leadership, developing people, empowering people and demonstrating integrity are areas in which the concepts from the book can be applied at the workplace. Empowering people entails motivation of individuals who have already accepted responsibility towards the realization of some goals and objectives. In a business environment, majority of the workforce want to have an influence on the decision-making processes that relate to their areas of technical competence (Bennis, 2000). Global leaders can achieve this through giving employees an opportunity to be leaders in their various areas of technical expertise. Efficient leaders must be able create an open working environment where there is open sharing of information and communication. It is thus the obligation of the successful leader to give opportunities to his staff a chance to be involved in the actual decision making process (Schermerho rn et al, 2005). It requires putting the business goals and objectives rather than more than just personal interests. Demonstrating integrity is one of the requirements of global effective leaders. Effective leader should not only say right things but also implement thing in a right way without violation of the ethical principles. In order to achieve these high levels of integrity, successful leaders must be plain and specific about their values and principles; whether they are self-directed or other-directed. References Bennis, W. G. (2000). Managing the dream : reflections on leadership and change. Cambridge, Mass: Perseus Pub. Schermerhorn, J., Hunt, J., Osborn, R. (2005). Organizational behavior. New York: Wiley.

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Euthanasia Should Be Illegal in All 50 States Essay

Today, there is a large debate over the situation and consequences of euthanasia. Euthanasia is the act of ending a human’s life by lethal injection or the stoppage of medication, or medical treatment. It has been denied by most of today’s population and is illegal in the fifty states of the United States. Usually, those who undergo this treatment have a disease or an â€Å"unbearable† pain somewhere in the body or the mind. Since there are ways, other than ending life, to stop pain caused by illness or depression, euthanasia is immoral, a disgrace to humanity, according to the Hippocratic Oath, and should be illegal throughout the United States. Instead of turning to death as an option, patients should realize that there are other ways to†¦show more content†¦After her death, she became an icon for those who are against euthanasia (Nightgale Alliance). Furthermore, euthanasia is a disgrace to humanity. An individual person or group shouldn’t decide how, when, and if another person should die. The act of ending someone’s life just because another decided that the individual’s life gives no worth to the person or to society is unjust. That is simply the person’s opinion, and their opinion shouldn’t end a precious human life. Usually, people with disabilities who request euthanasia, do so because of how others treat them, not because of their actual disability. If we were to respect those with disabilities, that would remove hardships, not death. Another reason why euthanasia is wrong is that a person who can’t think straight or is a human vegetable, a person who does not have mental or physical abilities (O’Steen). She/he can be killed by a guardian’s request according to law, even if the patient never showed a desire to die. The Declaration of Independence states our rights to â€Å"life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,† and euthanasia goes against that. If the right to live is reduced, all over rights are worthless (â€Å"Euthanasia Statement†). Subsequently, it came to the point of where others came up with an oath against euthanasia, the Hippocratic Oath. This oath directs ethicsShow MoreRelatedEuthanasia Research Paper1614 Words   |  7 PagesMarilyn Viruet Euthanasia Would one rather save a life, or save themselves? Can someone’s life be that bad that they would ask someone to help end it? Euthanasia is an act that happens rarely. Nearly 1 in 5 doctors who care for seriously ill and people reported that they had been asked, on one or more occasions, for assistance in speeding a patients death, either by writing prescriptions for lethal drugs or delivering a lethal injection. ( Euthanasia is the terminationRead MoreFirst Affirmative Constructive Speech : Euthanasia1177 Words   |  5 PagesFirst Affirmative Constructive Speech: Euthanasia A lady named Brittany Maynard who was twenty-nine years old had stage 4 of Glioblastoma Multiform, which is brain cancer. She had taken a lethal medication, given to her by her doctors in Portland, Oregon. On November 1, 2014 she had chosen to end her life by Euthanasia. surrounded by family and friends, she died peacefully in her bedroom, with her loved ones by her side. she had thought out her choice well enough to go through with it. she was anRead MoreShould Euthanasia Be Legalized?1272 Words   |  6 Pagessuffering. Euthanasia has been a topic of debate ever since the Roman and Greek physicians have started to poison terminally ill patients with their consent. Today’s definition of euthanasia is â€Å"the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy† (Webster-Merriam Dictionary), also known as physician-assisted suicide, mercy killing , or dignified death. While a few states haveRead MoreEssay on Value of Life: Euthanasia740 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"Euthanasia refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering† (Euthanasia, 2013). Every year, hundreds of people are injured greatly both physical and psychological. Some of these are so heavily hurt that they feel they have nothing left to live for. Their lives are ruined and all they can do is sit, eat and sleep. In some cases it is discussed if euthanasia could be an option. However, it has always been a question how bad an injury is before one can performRead MoreShould Euthanasia Be Allowed?986 Words   |  4 PagesEuthanasia allows a human being to die with dignity. Originating from the Greek terms eu (happy or good) and thantos (death), euthanasia means literally happy death or good death. It is commonly defined as the act of bringing about the death of a hopelessly ill and suffering person in a relatively quick and painless way for reasons of mercy (LeBaron). Assisted suicide is a form of euthanasia, when a person helps commit suicide or provides information of how to do so to another person.Read More Euthanasia Essay example1344 Words   |  6 Pages Euthanasia, also known as mercy killing is a practice of ending a life to release an individual from an incurable disease or intolerable suffering. Euthanasia has been accepted both legally and morally in various forms in many societies but not in all. â€Å"In ancient Greece and Rome it was permissible in some situations to help others die. For example, the Greek writer Plutarch mentioned that in Sparta infanticide was practiced on children who lacked quot;health and vigor.quot; Both Socrates andRead MoreEuthanasia Essay - Pro Euthanasia Argumentative Essay1148 Words   |  5 PagesImani Henry Mr. Dowie Honors English 9 1/13/17 Pro Euthanasia Argumentative Essay Euthanasia is the act of intentionally killing someone to end suffering, with and without their consent. This practice has been around since the beginning of time and has been practiced by different cultures all over the world. In the United States currently, only 5 states allow the option of euthanasia. All states throughout the USA should allow the act of euthanasia. Considering it is within the 1st amendment due toRead MoreEuthanasia Is Painless Killing Of A Patient1435 Words   |  6 PagesEuthanasia is painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma, also means to take a deliberate action with the express intention of ending a life to relieve intractable suffering. Some interpret as the practice of ending life in a mercy killing, assisted suicide, and soft slow suicide. There are two main classifications of euthanasia. There is Voluntary euthanasia which is conducted with consent. Where the patient decides for themselves toRead MoreEuthanasi Should It Be Legalized?927 Words   |  4 PagesSeptember 2015 Euthanasia, Should it be Legalized? Euthanasia, which is commonly known by many other terms such as assisted suicide or mercy killing, is the act of taking away the life of a human or an animal in order to relieve him/ her/it from severe pain and suffering, or letting him/her/it die without taking any action to prevent the death. The word euthanasia comes from the two Greek words: â€Å"eu† – good and â€Å"Thanatos†- death (Helga Kuhse, 40) which basically mean â€Å"a good death.† Is euthanasia a formRead MoreEuthanasi Assisted Suicide?1252 Words   |  6 PagesGiovanni Gomez Tammy Jonhson English 2 B 14 November 2014 Euthanasia: Assisted suicide Which is better - suffering, pain, and holding onto life for a period of time or just being laid to rest in peace? Nine out of ten people would pick the latter (Georgia State University) if just asked that question without a scenario, but when given the scenario and thinking about their family they might change their opinion. Euthanasia is related to this because it is the destruction of life, and in today’s

How Successful Was Daniel Kleinman in meeting the brief of the Charity Free Essays

For any charity, advertisement and raising awareness of the issue they are campaigning against is an essential part of their running. The NSPCC in particular find that raising awareness of child abuse is of vital importance, and this means that the advertisements they do broadcast have to be extremely effective. After studying an advert produced by Daniel Kleinman for the NSPCC, called The Ventriloquist, I have realized that in order to make an appeal advert as successful as possible, a number of devices must be used or taken into consideration. We will write a custom essay sample on How Successful Was Daniel Kleinman in meeting the brief of the Charity? or any similar topic only for you Order Now The whole purpose of Kleinman’s campaign was to alert the public that there are millions of children out there who have no-one to turn to- and that by simply volunteering just a few hours of their week, they could completely change a child’s life. The title given to the Campaign was ‘Someone to Turn to’, which refers to both adults being more aware of Child Abuse trying to act more productively against it; and also to encourage children to talk to the NSPCC because they are always there for them. This advert in particular focused on alerting the public that Child Abuse is happening even in situations which may seem perfectly ordinary. The child in the advert was in supposedly safe environments with trustworthy figures that should have been protecting her- yet they all failed to notice what was going on, a point illustrated by the fact the man was sat right in front of them and perfectly visible, yet they still couldn’t see him Other than all of this, the main aim of the charity is always to attract more attention to the problem and to encourage more contribution, whether it is through volunteering, donations or even through physically going out and taking action against Child Abuse. In my opinion, the advert is very successful, as it could have easily inspired all of the above events to take place. This is particularly impressive, as the brief Daniel Kleinman received would have been unbelievably difficult to fulfil, considering the sensitivity which has to be given to the subject. It needed to be treated with complete appropriateness, and Kleinman had to take care not to be crude or offensive, but at the same time still highlight the brutality of the issue, both physically and mentally. I feel this is achieved, and that the advert manages to tactfully show how sinister and malevolent the situation is through using effective scenery, expressions, or even silence itself; and therefore illustrates how isolated and mute the victim is. So what is it about the advert which makes it have quite so much impact? Kleinman used a number of technical devices in the advert, which contributed greatly to its success. For a start, he mixed visual effects and real people with animated effects and dummies. The ventriloquist act is very appropriate for several reasons- Firstly; it is a great allegory of how the man completely rules her life- so much that she has stopped being a real human being and is just controlled by him. Secondly, the whole principal of dummies is very chilling and ominous, and so people are alarmed right from the start of the advert when there is a dummy amongst a class of real children. This draws attention to the girl, and our minds immediately focus on her. One of the best used animated effects was the dummy’s eyes. Using animation, the eyes were made larger than they should have been and therefore reflected the girl’s emotions a lot better- similar to Dennis Potter’s idea of using adult actors to represent children, as their larger bodies act as a kind of magnifying glass to the emotions and movements. They dummy’s eyes have this very same effect. They are very expressive, and throughout the advert they look scared, uncertain, alarmed and sad; as well as constantly checking with the man before she speaks. Furthermore, at the end of the video after dismissing her mother’s concerned questions, she closes her eyes for a few seconds so that her complete misery is made obvious. Another technical device used by Kleinman is the soundtrack of the advert, which uses a good mixture between silences, background noises and actual music. The advert begins with just the normal sounds of a school classroom, leading the viewer into a false sense of security, and when the dummy sat on the man’s lap comes into view, it makes it even more disturbing and shocking. Then, as the dummy speaks with the man’s voice, chilling music starts, making the scene even more alarming. This spine-tingling music is used throughout the advert, with the exception of just a few scenes, and results in a growing feeling of suspense, making the overall impact of the commercial much greater. An alternative method used by Kleinman in the soundtrack is silence, an effect which works perfectly in the play park scene. The play park scene is perhaps the most distressing, which is mainly due to the isolation of the surroundings. We are witnessing firsthand a form of Child abuse, and as the viewer we are made to feel helpless- we can see the abuse happening, yet we can’t hear it or do anything about it. In this way, the video is extremely emotive, as it creates an urge in people to take action. However, it is not just the soundtrack which created this feeling, and many other elements of the advert contributed to its success- Obviously, the actual Character and Narrative were a fundamental part. The man who was playing her abuser was extremely convincing in his part, and at some points actually made the viewer cringe with how alarming the scene was. His facial expressions were completely composed, showing how confident he is in treating the girl like this, as if it were perfectly natural. Another part of his characterization which was as equally disturbing was his intimacy with the girl. Throughout the advert she is constantly sat on his lap, an allegory to his domination and control over her. Also, it stressed the fact that no-one can get close to her apart from him; and that she is isolated and separated from everyone else, even her own mother. Another affective part of the staging for the Advert is the fact that no-one else notices the man, stressing the loneliness and seclusion of the girl, and that no-one can get through to her. In fact, it is the exact opposite, and she is shunned away by people- particularly her peers. This is represented predominantly in the bus scene, when everyone is laughing at her- even the paedophile is smirking and appears to be mocking her. Overall, I think that the most important feature in the commercial is the use of narrative, and the swapping of voices. The girl can’t speak for herself; instead the paedophile has completely taken over her life, always present and intimidating. The deep man’s voice is grotesque, and immediately captures the audience’s attention and shocks them, making them mesmerized with the advert and meaning they are affected as much as possible by the advert. Consequently to such enormous affects on the Audience that the advert motivates, it is clear that Kleinman must have used extremely great directing techniques to create such a result. In particular, Kleinman uses lighting and colours a lot to put empathize on the mood of the film, such as putting the Ventriloquist doll under a direct spotlight to draw the viewers attention towards her. This lighting effect also means that the doll has lots of shadows around her, especially falling on the Ventriloquist himself. These shadows represent the malevolence which surrounds the girl constantly, and how her whole life seems like a dark pit of despair. Another technical device which Kleinman used in the advert was the colouring used. Whilst the girl is around other children, the colouring is bright and energetic, as a children’s life should be, but as soon as she is away from them it becomes dreary and sinister- an illusion of what her life is like at home. Throughout the advert, the background to the scenes is mirroring the mood of the soundtrack and lighting, putting empathise on the points being made even more. As part of my research for the making of this Advert, I watched an interview with Kleinman so that I could see what his objectives were whilst creating the advert. From seeing this, I discovered that Kleinman’s idea for the Ventriloquist doll was drawn out of his desire to show how controlled and vulnerable abused children were. Using a Ventriloquist is perfect for this, for they are naturally chilling even away from any fearful situation. Kleinman felt that this automatically brought great tension to the scenes, and complete caught the attention of the viewer- the makings of an ideal advert. Owing to the number of effective elements of the advert mentioned above, it is logical that the impact on the viewers was extremely great. Any child-abuse advert automatically evokes sadness and sympathy from the audience; however because of the in-depth styles of directing which took place in the producing of this commercial, the audience are also made to feel complete empathy towards the girl, and it leaves them with severely distressing thoughts. However, one of the main necessities of the advert was that its message was clear to younger audiences, and in this way the advert does not produce very good results. Due to the depth of the allegorical devices used in the advert, it is quite likely that a younger audience would find it hard to grasp the idea and information which is being portrayed. This is one of Kleinman’s only faults in the production of this advert. In the majority of circumstances, it is young children, who are suffering in these abysmal situations and therefore the appeals also need to be suitable for someone of that age group. What is the use in alerting the public of all these horrendous acts if the children themselves cannot realize what is going on and tell someone? Overall, I think that due to the complexity of the advert, it is not suitable for a younger audience, as it would not have the wanted affect on them and be equivalently useless. Despite all this, the advert is still incredibly emotive. So did Kleinman reach the Charity’s brief? Personally I feel that he did, as the disturbing nature of the advert resulted in the utmost awareness from the audience, meaning that the appeal was even more likely to be successful. This reaction to the advert is exactly that which the Charity wanted- they are inspired to take action against Child Abuse and are made conscious of the reality that Abuse can happen in the most ordinary of situations. How to cite How Successful Was Daniel Kleinman in meeting the brief of the Charity?, Papers

Opinion Editorial On Common Good Of The Society †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Opinion Editorial On Common Good Of The Society. Answer: The common good of the society cannot be the sole responsibility of just the government authorities; rather each and every member of th society has equal responsibility towards improving the society further. Hence, the importance of the not for profit organizations are therefore extreme in generating the awareness and taking the necessary first initiative in moving the rest of the society to contribute to the betterment of the same society they belong to. Along with that it has to be mentioned in this context that the responsibility of these not for profit organizations are not just in generating the awareness of the public regarding their responsibility in terms of just financial donation. These not for profit organizations that contribute to the common good of the society also have the responsibility of integrating the idea into the general public regarding the importance of the more than financial contribution to these social causes (Etzioni, 2014). According to my own opinion, the most important challenge that any not for profit organizations is the generation of the aspiration among the general public so that they can also contribute to the common good of the society not just by the means of donations. The very basic idea in the general public regarding their contribution to the greater good of the community is only by the financial contribution which could not have been more wrong. For the not for profit organization selected for the review in the assignments as well, the Australian cancer research foundation or ACRF, the generation of the aspiration among the general public to volunteer time along with money had been the most important issue (Etzioni, 2014). This organization had been established with the motto of saving lives and saving time by funding the best and brightest of the cancer research scientists. It has to be understood that cancer still continues to be the most lethal enigma for the society and the absolute lack of cure is a huge burden on the society. T=it has to be mentioned in this context that cancer does not discriminate at all among the victims, it affects people of all age, gender and religion. Hence, the motto of the organization is to save time by funding the most promising research activities so that the cure to the disease can be found as soon as possible. And along with that, treatment trajectories of cancer that induce the least suffering to the patients can be discovered as well. Hence, the initiative taken by the organization contributes to not just the greater good of the community, but also of the mankind as well. However, I would like to mention here that despite the initiative being as humane and moral, generating awareness and aspirations of the general public so that they can involuntarily contribute to the greater good of the community. This charity funded organization had to fight for the position that is now occupies and among the issues and challenges faced by this organization, the lack of volunteers had been a significant one (Sherif, 2015). According to the Paudyal, Baral and Keenan (2016), the most important fact associated with the lack of spontaneous aspiration in the young generation regarding their responsibilities towards the community and the social initiatives taken by these organizations is the lack of any educational emphasis on the fact. It has to be understood that the connection towards our surrounding and the society is developed in the early ages of life and the lack of emphasis on the social responsibilities and awareness in the early childhood education frame work. Another reason behind the lack of realization of the aspirations of the social responsibilities or the contribution to the common good is the individualistic social structure of the nation. It has to be understood that this nation lacks collectivist social patterns and the social cukture is basically focused independent and nuclear families. However, with efforts and initiatives, the understanding in the general public can be enhanced regarding the social responsibilities. And with the young generation taking the responsibility towards their society seriously, hope for a better future, where each and every individual in the society has aspirations to improve the society without any expectations is still alive. References: Australian Cancer Research Foundation - Fund Technology To End Cancer. (2018).ACRF. Retrieved 26 February 2018, from Brnn, P. S., Vidaver-Cohen, D. (2009). Corporate motives for social initiative: Legitimacy, sustainability, or the bottom line?.Journal of Business Ethics,87(1), 91-109. Etzioni, A. (2014).Common good. John Wiley Sons, Ltd. Paudyal, K., Baral, H., Keenan, R. J. (2016). Local actions for the common good: Can the application of the ecosystem services concept generate improved societal outcomes from natural resource management?.Land Use Policy,56, 327-332. Sherif, M. (2015).Group conflict and co-operation: Their social psychology(Vol. 29). Psychology Press.

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Blackness Of Athletes Essay Research Paper Today free essay sample

Blackness Of Athletes Essay, Research Paper Today African American jocks dominate about all professional squad athleticss. In basketball some of the record holders were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan. In football Walter Payton, Jim Brown, Jerry Rice, Erik Dickerson, and Jim Marshall set records. Baseball # 8217 ; s Ricky Henderson held the stolen-base record at 939 in 1991. From Joe Louis in the 1930s until Evander Holyfield in the 1990 # 8217 ; s, black Americans have about monopolized heavyweight pugilism. Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson were at the top of the game of tennis. Since Jesse Owens won four Olympic gold decorations in 1936, African Americans have excelled in path and field athleticss. Firenze Griffith Joyner and Jackie Joyner-Kersee won decorations at the 1988 Olympics. Carl Lewis, Butch Reynolds, Roger Kingdom, Edwin Moses, Bob Beamon, and Willie Banks besides set path records. How is it possible that a peculiar race can be so accepted in the sphere of popular amusement and athleticss, yet the American thickly settled still does non hold a homogenous attitude toward the black athletes that make professional athleticss in America so popular? Beyond the audience that straight watches professional athleticss, the remainder of America is still influenced by jocks who pose as function theoretical accounts and cultural icons in America. The negative facet of black civilization in the eyes of the populace, or inkiness, is regarded as a menace to the unity of the professional athleticss conferences and to America as a whole. Blackness, as defined by popular civilization is an African American # 8217 ; s attitude such that he or she is highly open in the eyes of the populace by stressing his or her race as opposed to skill. By have oning corn-rows or an afro haircut or prophesying against white society, a black jock can come to be seen in a negative visible radiation by the populace, which in general, has its kids propped in forepart of a telecasting watching black super-athletes dunk the ball and walk off the tribunal to set on a Pt pendent studded with 63 diamonds. This lip service stands irrespective of colour of the spectator, because in our postmodern epoch, inkiness has come to be associated with force and the # 8220 ; gangsta # 8221 ; life style. The truth is that the inkiness of yore, where an athlete fough t for black equality, no longer exists. Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers epitomizes the blackest of black jocks at the start of this millenary yet represents nil positive off the tribunal. Regardless of his hoops accomplishments which surpass those of all other current hoops participants, he is a negative icon because, in truth, his # 8220 ; flava # 8221 ; is bogus. Steve Rushin of Sports Illustrated is one of the most critical athleticss authors of the thought of inkiness in athleticss. In the October 23rd issue of SI, his column was spent knocking Iverson # 8217 ; s fakeness and flawed position on black America. With the recent release of his album 40 Bars, Iverson raps about slaying # 8220 ; fagots, niggers and bitches # 8221 ; and the adversities that come with being one of the most overpaid jocks in the NBA. Rushin mocks Iverson # 8217 ; s remarks: # 8220 ; So when A.I. , who has a five twelvemonth old girl, busts a rime about his desire to # 8216 ; kill and f # 8212 ; bitches, # 8217 ; that ain # 8217 ; t him truly flowin # 8217 ; . It # 8217 ; s his MC alter self-importance # 8211 ; whom Iverson calls # 8216 ; Jewelz # 8217 ; # 8211 ; maintaining it existent by rhymin # 8217 ; about all the wack shiznit that a playa sees everyday on the mean, clean, in private maintained streets in the gated communities of suburban Illadelph. YouknowwhatI # 8217 ; msayin # 8217 ; ? [ Sic ] # 8221 ; or # 8220 ; Sure he # 8217 ; s makin # 8217 ; huffy paper: $ 71 million over six old ages from the Sixers, plus $ 50 million hard currency money to have on Reeboks. But look into this shiznit: In the NBA, ballers are merely clockin # 8217 ; $ 85 a twenty-four hours in meal money! For existent! Try acquiring a Cristal breakfast at the Ritz-Carleton Laguna Niguel for $ 85, yo. Or what if your posse is sing from Newport News, Va-then e # 8217 ; ybody goes hungry. The small orchid in the bantam vase on the room-service tray costs more than that! # 8221 ; The statements about Iverson sum up the image of inkiness today. Iverson # 8217 ; s calling picks on and off of the tribunal are entirely his. He is the lone individual to fault for his blemished character. With the aid of the Hip-Hop motion, inkiness has emerged as a agency for black society to demo that it no longer values the ideals of being black during the civil rights motion and during the times of the integration of baseball, where being black meant holding a sense of pride about who you are, non about how black and # 8220 ; iced out # 8221 ; you are. With this said about modern inkiness, it is necessary to look at the polar antonym of characters such as Iverson. When one # 8217 ; s black individuality is wholly lost, a colourless merchandise of the all-powerful dollar is formed. Typifying this scenario is the greatest hoops participant of all time or at least on the tribunal. Michael Jordan, irrespective of his # 8220 ; sellout # 8221 ; nature, is the largest function theoretical account in modern athleticss. Not since Babe Ruth have kids and grownups likewise been so empowered by the rigorous on-court public presentation and commercial value of an jock. For all practical intents, there a few obvious grounds for Michael Jordan # 8217 ; s success as a persuasive communicator to the populace, black, white, and Hispanic, likewise. He was, after all, the hottest participant in the NBA # 8212 ; his is name mentioned in the same breath with hoops greats such as Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Irving, and Magic Johnson. With a 6 # 8242 ; 6 # 8243 ; frame # 8212 ; about an inch shorter than the mean NBA participant # 8211 ; he soars up, around, and above his oppositions, ever with his universally recognized lingua hanging out. Whenever he graces the tribunals, he astounds audiences with his mid-air command. We are all familiar with many of his successes and each of them serves every bit at least one elemental inducer. During his college calling, Jordan was twice chosen College Player of the Year and was a consentaneous All-American. He was the prima scorer on the American squad that won the gold decoration at the Pan American games in 1983, and co-captain of the squad that captured the Olympic gold in 1984. After a 63-point marking orgy by the hoops ace in a 1986 playoff game, Boston Celtics star Larry Bird said, # 8220 ; God came down disguised as Michael Jordan. # 8221 ; By his 4th twelvemonth as the Chicago Bulls # 8217 ; All-Star guard, Jordan had won every major single NBA award there is: Cub of the Year, after his first season ; the first participant besides Chamberlain to interrupt the 3,000-point barrier, in his 3rd season ; and an unprecedented ternary Crown NBA award as Most Valuable Player, Defensive Player of the Year, and top scorer in his # 8216 ; 87- # 8217 ; 88 season. In the 1890ss, he led his Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles. But he # 8217 ; s non merely a mastermind on the tribunal, Jordan is besides an advertisement agent extraordinary. He # 8217 ; s peddled fast nutrient for McDonald # 8217 ; s, an autographed hoops for the Wilson featuring goods company, Coca-Cola, a backyard game for Ohio Art, dinner jacket, Haynes underclothes, Johnson Products, Excelsior International ( which manufactures # 8220 ; Time Jordan # 8221 ; tickers ) , Guy LaRoche tickers, and Gatorade. His clean-cut, wholesome expression earned him a topographic point on the Wheaties cereal box, the first hoops participant of all time to make so. Between his $ 25 million contract and his indorsements, Jordan has pocketed an estimated $ 65 million. He may be bigger than that other Michael. But his claim to fame in the advertisement section is his indorsement of the Nike Air Jordan hoops shoe. The red-and-black gym shoes put Nike on the map, gaining the company more than $ 70 million in gross revenues when introduced in 1985. But can all this success off of the tribunal be attributed to the same Michael Jordan that led the Chicago Bulls far and beyond the antecedently known bounds for a professional hoops squad? The reply to this inquiry is a simple no. Michael Jordan # 8217 ; s off tribunal image is a concept of his agent David Falk with the support of NBA commissioner David Stern. In truth, Jordan # 8217 ; s existent character came about with his 2nd Nike run. Although the first Air Force and Air Jordan run was highly successful, the 2nd run formed his true colorless ( or even white ) character. When paired up with Mars Blackmon, Spike Lee # 8217 ; s character and representation of black young person in America, a new side of the hoops participant was formed. He was no longer the image of another black jock whose superior accomplishment was his lone property ; he metamorphosed into a passionate icon concerned about the community at big, an ideal to Americana. This new image for the hoops icon was rea lly created around a council chamber tabular array as opposed to at a blacktop tribunal in lower category North Carolina. In fact, Jordan was non even present for the advertisement determinations made. Even the latest gambits constructed to continu vitamin E to hammer Jordan’s image were purely to do him less black. The film Space Jam, in which Jordan is paired up with sketch characters, serves a critical illustration of his whiteness. In the movie, Jordan is playing golf when he is cryptically sucked into the 18th hole to assist a squad of â€Å"white† Saturday forenoon sketchs win a hoops game against the participants of a offense ring. The offense pealing serves as a metaphor for black America, while Jordan, the really un-black adult male leaves his white collar game of golf to assist the white community licking this dark force. Although this analogy seems far-fetched, it can non be denied that the image of Michael Jordan became more white with this release. Michael Jordan, like all jocks, is flawed. His true off-court personality falls into white society # 8217 ; s image of any black adult male with money. Jordan # 8217 ; s chancing debacle in 1993 tainted the icon and made the general public inquiry the unity of his money devising image. Following his late dark tally at an Atlantic City casino before a playoff game against the Knicks, Jordan # 8217 ; s 2nd half drama in the game, although still dramatic but non of # 8220 ; Jordan Caliber, # 8221 ; was alluded to his chancing orgy. At this point in his calling, Jordan became black once more. Fortunately, his calling was greatly salvaged with the tragic decease of his male parent that same twelvemonth. After size uping the slaying as a possible reaction to Jordan # 8217 ; s chancing debt, the liquidator, Daniel Andre Green was apprehended. A # 8220 ; existent # 8221 ; black adult male had killed Jordan # 8217 ; s male parent for no ground. This event made Jordan colorless once m ore because it reinstated that America # 8217 ; s fright ( particularly white America # 8217 ; s fright ) of being mugged or murdered by a black adult male over money besides applied to Michael Jordan. Jordan was once more white, and has been so of all time since. Ironically plenty, the American public forgets what it does non desire to hear, and embraces what it does. In blunt contrast to both Iverson and Jordan lie the original ideals of inkiness that were non merely unacceptable to the general populace as they are now, but were besides good intentioned. Iverson stands for a inkiness that reveals the negative facets of the black community. Jordan is impersonal, leting himself to be the marionette of corporate America and holding no base on any issue ( unless his director tells him to. ) Jackie Robinson on the other manus played the system and allowed the true, good natured ideals of his black community to be revealed. Truly the greatest fable to hold emerged from the Negro League was Jackie Robinson. Although likely non the most gifted participant at the clip of integrating of baseball, Robinson was chosen because of his extended background and instruction. Robinson neer did have a grade from UCLA, but his athletic background at that clip was amazing, holding excelled in football playing for the Bruins, every bit good as being a baseball and track star at Pasadena Junior College. Robinson encountered one of his first public struggles with racism when he won a tribunal soldierly instance for declining to sit in the coloured subdivision of an Army coach during his term of office in the Armed Forces. He did complete Officer Candidates School and was finally uprightly discharged from the Army as a 2nd lieutenant. These events every bit good as his kid goon in about all white Pasadena, CA forged the character for the adult male who would be given the opportunity to incorporate baseball. In his first twelvemonth playing on a # 8220 ; white squad, # 8221 ; the Dodger # 8217 ; s farm nine squad the Montreal Royals, Robinson surprised all hitting an amazing.349 and taking the Royals to a Small World Series title. In 1947, Robinson eventually donned Dodger Blue and performed better than anyone would hold expected him to, batting.297 and taking the NL with 29 stolen bases, gaining him the award of being Rookie of the Year and being the taking force in taking the Dodgers to a conference crown. But, it was still non Robinson # 8217 ; s statistics that made him the fable he is today. Considered a freshness by some baseball faultfinders, Robinson # 8217 ; s major conference baptismal on the field was no catch. Fans released black cats onto the field, teammates rubbed his caput for good fortune, while others attempted to spike him, tongue baccy juice in his face, and dropped racial slurs at every chance. Off the field, he faced decease menaces, # 8220 ; beloved nigga # 8221 ; letters, and was subjected daily to segregated public adjustments. However, these racial barriers merely served to animate Robinson to higher criterions. As the force per unit area of being the lone black participant in the Major Leagues increased, Robinson was able to impart all of the negative energy imposed on by the other participants every bit good as the fans and America for that affair, and utilize it to be the best participant in baseball at the clip. In 1949, Robinson led the conference with 37 stolen bases and a.342 batting norm. He ranked in the top five of every major violative class except place tallies and walks. He was awarded with the highest award for an active baseball participant, the League # 8217 ; s Most Valuable Player award. In the following three old ages of his calling, he led the conference with most dual dramas by a 2nd baseman every bit good as a.992 fielding per centum. In his ten-year calling, he played on six all-star squads, roll uping a calling batting norm of.311, stealing place 19 times and taking the Dodgers to six national conference crowns. One of the greatest high spots from his calling was ste aling place in game 1 of the World Series, and therefore animating the Dodgers to win their lone rubric over the Yankees # 8217 ; Bronx Bombers. Robinson # 8217 ; s calling proved, without a uncertainty, that baseball should be integrated. He easy gained the regard of equals, who began to see through the racial barriers and admit his laterality of the game despite the colour of his tegument. Former Dodger director Leo Durocher one time claimed, # 8220 ; He didn # 8217 ; t merely come to play, he came to crush you. # 8221 ; While former place tally king Ralph Kiner added, # 8220 ; Robinson was the lone participant I of all time saw who could wholly turn a game around by himself. # 8221 ; The fans and the media gained his regard by investing him into the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first twelvemonth of eligibility, a effort merely accomplished by a smattering of other participants in the full history of Major League Baseball. Like Jordan and Iverson, Robinson inspired with his drama on the field. Unlike Jordan and Iverson, his celebrity was non handed to him. His distance toward the racial unintegrated establishment that was America at the clip made those important to his initial chance to play in the big leagues second think their initial purpose: to hold an # 8220 ; Uncle Tom # 8221 ; drama in the big leagues. In his meetings with Branch Rickey, Robinson was told to merely remain quiet and play ball. He did the antonym, and therefore earned himself the rubric of a truly honest black adult male who could non be fazed by the system that gave him the chance but did non do him what he was. He was a gentleman of colour lifting to the juncture by throwing his endowment in the face of hardship. Iverson, at that clip would hold been the worst pick to be the first African American in the big leagues. His behaviour would hold by far exceeded any of Robinson # 8217 ; s actions. It could be postulated that Iverson would hold spat back into the faces in the crowd and showed small or no regard for the game. Although Robinson # 8217 ; s actions were considered utmost, Iverson in the same context would hold taken extreme to a new degree. It is for this ground that Josh Gibson was neer signed to play in the big leagues. I believe it can be said without a uncertainty that in the same state of affairs, in the same racial clime, Michael Jordan would hold been the ideal first black participant to fall in the big leagues. His off-court jokes and chancing would hold confirmed what whites expected of a black pro-athlete, while his drama on the field would be superior, corroborating the white concept that black people are physically superior. He would hold answered the imperativeness # 8217 ; inquiries as Branch Rickey wanted them answered. He would hold allowed himself to be the good black male child that America wanted playing THEIR national interest. Although these state of affairss are highly conjectural, they do let us recognize the flawlessness with which Robinson tackled his state of affairs, the ignorance with which Jordan allowed himself to be controlled and the negative image that Allen Iverson sets upon the black community in postmodern America. Blackness in Robinson # 8217 ; s clip, or at least in retrospect, represented something more positive, which would subsequently be mimicked by greats to the similar of Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights militants. To be proud of one # 8217 ; s race or ethnicity agencies to appreciate the positive facets that come with being a member, and keeping true to those ideals in the face of struggle. 332